Top Performers Commercialize Data Through Insights Services

by Jennifer Belissent, PhD
Principal Analyst, Serving Business Insights Professionals

Successful companies often look to the adjacent possible for out-of-the-box thinking that’s still within reach. Cloud-based enterprise applications like ServiceChannel, a provider of facilities and contractor management software, offer insights tools to track and analyze customer KPIs.
The data economy is exploding. Many companies have put their data to work internally to improve operational efficiency, service delivery, and ultimately customer experience. But now many customer insights professionals and their peers understand that others could benefit from their data as well and are increasingly taking their data to market. This report delivers an overview of the current trends in data commercialization: who is buying, who is selling, and what offerings are available — from direct data sales to the delivery of data-derived insight services.

Nucleus Research

“Edge” enterprise resource planning (ERP) application ServiceChannel automates commercial contracting, bringing more visibility into facility maintenance and service for commercial facilities.
ServiceChannel enables facilities to select and manage third party contractors based on actual metrics, resulting in improvements in the quality of service they receive. Nucleus expects ServiceChannel customers to experience greater ROI and benefit from cost savings, risk mitigation and compliance, and analytic capabilities… Read More