​ServiceChannel has been hugely instrumental in our growth. Since we were first listed on Fixxbook, we’ve seen an increasing amount of our retail customers switch to ServiceChannel. At many of the retailers we work with, their Facility Manager’s expressed a lot frustration balancing their time between all the urgent requests from various stores. Often, they would be on the phone or e-mail with us throughout the day coordinating pick-ups — not to mention balancing all the other responsibilities they juggle. Now, we simply receive automated e-mail requests and it’s clear that they can continue to focus on all of their other responsibilities while easily dispatching emergency pick-ups or planned fixture removals.”

Jeff Szita
Sales Manager, National Accounts & Strategic Alliances


Dwyer GroupServiceChannel is a great product that can really help streamline the services experience for both the client and the vendor. The amount of visibility and organization it provides is incredibly helpful. Additionally, the ServiceChannel team is extremely customer focused and continuously works to improve their product for all parties involved!”

Brianne Rechy
Director of Business Development
The Dwyer Group


contractor support services“In addition to compliance management, this [ServiceChannel’s Private Network] centralization process streamlines the communications between Terminix and our subcontractor network and minimizes the amount of administrative requests we make of them.”

Kim Nunn
Account Manager


Roto-Rooter Logo“When companies ask us, those who are considering a new technology, we always recommend ServiceChannel. We also get a lot of new work through ServiceChannel.”

Charisse Luckey
Director of Business Development
Roto-Rooter Services Company


Brinco Mechanical Services“For years, ServiceChannel has helped Brinco provide better service, get new business and get paid faster. Now, with its new Contractor Console, we have a more graphic view of all of our client information – so we never miss anything important. And with the MyScorecard feature, we can flag any SLA problems before the client calls, as well as show clients and prospects how we’re exceeding expectations. Last, but not least, it helps us keep on top of our cash flow by constantly monitoring all of our invoices. It’s like having another employee in Accounts Receivable… ServiceChannel allows us to do a better job managing our customers’ HVAC service and maintenance by providing them with a secure means of obtaining immediate information.”

Ron Praeger
Chief Operation Officer
Brinco Mechanical Management Services, Inc.


CMS Mechanical Services“We like to be the one’s to talk to the client, we don’t like to have other people in between. When we do something wrong, we want them to know. When we do something right, or great, we want the client to know it was us. ServiceChannel enables this to happen.”

John Crowell
Vice President, Sales
CMS Mechanical Services


ACS Commercials Services LLC.“ServiceChannel is actually better than advertising. We’ve been with ServiceChannel since the beginning and have gotten more customers from Fixxbook that any other part of the business. We’ve even recommended ServiceChannel to our clients outside of the retail and restaurant industries… We see ServiceChannel as a selling point for our business.”

James Bridge
Sales and Senior Accounts manager
ACS Commercial Services LLC


PROS Professional Retail Outlet Services“We use different work order programs and ServiceChannel is absolutely the best one.”


Steve Stone
Professional Retail Outlet Services (P.R.O.S.)


contractor accounting software“We’ve been a ServiceChannel partner for almost 10 years and we’ve always found that the platform offers us an easy way to keep our clients up-to-date in real time across all work orders. Through the use of integration tools like XML Exchange, we’re able to be that much more effective for our customers. Global can type an update into ServiceChannel and it will instantly populate in our own proprietary internal work order management system. The same goes with notes typed into our system first. The time saved by eliminating redundant noting is then used on additional work that we’re doing for our clients.”

Danielle Uanino
Operations Manager
Global Facility Management & Construction


contractor support services“For us, ServiceChannel has always been more of a partner. They don’t get in the way of us and our business. Another thing is that they listen.”


Jason Jost
Vice President
Integra Service Group, Inc.


contractor support services“We like ServiceChannel a lot, we recommend it to everybody.”

Bill Apple
Building Air Services


MaintenX“Easiest portal to use in the industry!”



Bill Schaphorst
Vice President, Business Development
MaintenX International


contractor management software“ServiceChannel provides our business with an unsurpassed level of control.”

Amtech Elevator


“Every work order that goes through our system goes through ServiceChannel.”

Liz Davidson
Commercial Services


AFGO Logo“ServiceChannel shows our customers how to reduce costs and reduce inventory. Their people are helping us to manage; without ServiceChannel we would have a lot of extra paperwork to do.”

Glenn Udell
AFGO Mechanical Services, Inc.


“ServiceChannel is a powerful customer service tool that has greatly increased Mainco’s client satisfaction.”

Mike Nicklous
Mainco Elevator and Electrical Corp.