Asset Manager

Provide Asset Warranty Visibility and Reduce Equipment TCO


How Our Facility Asset Management Software Works

ServiceChannel Asset Manager works seamlessly with Take a Tour Buttonthis product to provide visibility into the details of your physical assets across locations.

This module tracks and drives compliance on capital equipment that exists within your facilities, specifically tracking depreciation, service requests, warranties, and service providers for each specific piece of equipment.

Analyze whether the company should invest in further repairs or replace the asset based on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and depreciation analysis.  Improve warranty entitlement and prevent warranty leakage.

How It Helps

Reduce Costs

Improve warranty entitlement and prevent warranty leakage by eliminating repair expenses on equipment under warranty



Gain Asset Visibility

Create a more accurate picture of assets to repair, maintain, and replace to lower TCO


Improve Financial Decisions

Build accurate budget forecasts with greater insight into asset age and condition


Boost Quality of Service

Enhance customer experience by reducing risk of equipment failures and related emergency work orders


Equipment Tracking

Maintain records for each asset by make, model, serial number, and any custom attributes

Useful Life Analysis

Understand asset life to make better repair/replace decisions

Equipment Uptime Reporting

Analyze equipment uptime/downtime trends and exceptions by work orders

Warranty Management and Tracking

Monitor warranties for all assets

Depreciation Tracking

Track assets’ original value, condition, and life expectancy

Location Mapping

Link each asset to a physical location

Asset Spend Alert

Automatically send notifications when equipment spend levels reach preset thresholds or exceed historical costs

Customer Use Case

A global retail brand and a national drugstore chain realized that significant repair & maintenance expenses were being incurred despite the applicable parts and labor being covered by warranty.  Without a systematic approach to warranty management, dollars were being wasted.

With ServiceChannel Asset Manager, each benefited from easier identification of repairs that fell under manufacturer or contractor warranty.  Both companies reduced expenses by having to pay for fewer repairs, increasing warranty-covered spend by up to 30% each.

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