Proposal Manager

Review & Create Proposals for Work Exceeding Your Pre-Defined Cost Level


How Our Proposal Management Software Works

Part of the Service Automation suite, Take a Tour ButtonServiceChannel Proposal Manager lets you:

  • Issue Request for Proposals (RFPs) to one or many contractors (optional)

  • One or more of your contractors submits proposal(s)

  • Compare competitive proposals in one view

  • Ultimately approve and/or reject the proposals

  • Results are communicated back to all the participating contractors

How It Helps

Make Better Spend Decisions

Easily request proposals from multiple contractors for competitive bidding

Faster Proposal Management

Compare and review proposals; approve and have all contractors notified

Keep Asset Data Current

Have your contractors help you keep your asset data up-to-date



Customized Proposal Requirements

Ensure your contractors provide the information data you need to make informed decisions

Pricing Validation

Ensure labor rates and material markups match approved service agreements

Asset Manager Integration

Enable contractors to indicate which equipment they repaired, replaced, added, or retired; automatically updates your asset data

“Foundation, Foundation, Foundation!!! ServiceChannel has provided Nike the ability to effectively communicate and interact with our business partners both internally and externally… They are available and open to constructive feedback and will act upon it quickly and decisively. ServiceChannel helps Nike Facilities become a better team.”

Brian Peoples, Store Operations, Nike
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