What Every Facilities Manager Should Do Now: Roofing & Building Infrastructure Checks

This is the next in a series of posts highlighting critical Action Items that every facilities manager should be focused on throughout the year but especially during certain parts of the year.  You may learn about them all in the popular ebook, What Every Facilities Manager Should Do Now.

In our prior post, we explored the powerful benefits from enabling contractor-initiated work orders.  Rather than always waiting for an issue to be reported and then for your vendor to make a trip on site, efficient FMs enable their vendors to create a work order on the spot when an issue is identified, within appropriate limits and constraints.  This gets problems, particularly those that occur unexpectedly and/or off-hours resolved faster and more cost effectively.

Seasonal Physical Infrastructure Inspections Reduce Risk

Other types of potential problems can impact a building’s overall condition and require a more structured approach to make sure problems don’t arise.  As each season turns, it’s a great time to check the conditions of all buildings across your locations, particularly spots like roofing that can be toughest to regularly access but can lead to serious damage when least expected and during the most inopportune times.

Each season brings its own challenges, from ice to wind to heat.  Unidentified problems can fester, leading to bigger issues down the road with costly budget or even safety impact.

Waiting til building flaws become apparent vastly increases a facility’s risk profile.  It’s imperative to stay on top of the physical and structural conditions of all your locations.

Regularly Performing Mobile-based Site Inspections

Facilities Management Site InspectionsOne of the best ways to ensure safety and proper conditions, and minimize risk is to regularly perform site audits or inspections across all your locations.  Using a mobile-based site audit tool not only makes doing these checks on a more regular basis easier, it makes the actual review more consistent, objective and comprehensive.  

In fact, with a standards-based mobile inspection program, these often can be performed by most anyone on staff, rather than relying on only specially-trained personnel.  This ensures that you’re reviewing your physical environment much more regularly and getting on top of problems before they might even develop.

Mobile FM software allows conducting highly efficient facility audits and inspections by enabling photos to be taken of any identified issues, and work orders to be submitted right on the spot.

There are a number of key elements to a successful facility/site audit program and thus ensuring a positive brand experience for your customers.  Only by looking at things in a proactive, prescriptive manner, rather than simply looking for problems that have occurred, can this process be a true value-add to your facilities program.

Maintaining your stores, restaurants, centers, buildings or other facilities needs to focus on both inside and outdoor aspects.  In fact, regular location monitoring through mobile tools is one of the most constructive ways to avoid potential roof and ceiling problems, and other structural issues year-round.

In future posts, we’ll highlight where other top performing facilities teams focus their efforts, from service provider performance management to end of period budgeting/planning.