How Contractors & Suppliers Work With ServiceChannel

ServiceChannel World MapServiceChannel is the leading software provider that connect you (contractors and suppliers) with your clients (facilities managers).  Our solution delivers a a single platform for facilities managers to source, procure, manage and pay for repair & maintenance services and parts & supplies across their enterprise.

Over 250 leading global brands use ServiceChannel daily to conduct business with over 50,000 contractors at more than 170,000 locations in 63 countries.


Neutral & Independent

ServiceChannel acts as a neutral go-between for contractors & suppliers and facilities management departments to improve operating efficiencies for all parties.  Importantly, ServiceChannel is an independent resource for contractor sourcing; we are neither contractors nor do we recommend specific contractors.


How We Help You

Through the ServiceChannel system, contractors & suppliers can process work orders and parts requests more efficiently, communicate with their clients more effectively and get paid faster.

ServiceChannel also provides value-added tools to build your business and connect you with new clients through our commercial contractor and supplier directory, Fixxbook.


How You Get Work

Fixxbook (a division of ServiceChannel) was created to meet the growing need for facilities teams, contractors and supplier to connect and conduct business together.

Fixxbook helps facilities professionals find commercial repair and maintenance service providers as well as parts and equipment suppliers. For businesses looking to grow their vendor network, Fixxbook offers access to the most comprehensive online directory of qualified commercial contractors and suppliers, and provides the tools to search, hire, manage and monitor important vendor business information. Fixxbook also enables contractors and suppliers to easily manage and share their business information (payment info, insurance, credentials, etc.) with their clients.

If you’re interested in more business from leading brands, join Fixxbook today.

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