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We’ve learned from our years of experience in working with Luxury Retail repair & maintenance programs

Maintaining a premium environment in a continual state of perfection is close to impossible without a systematic approach to follow. Even staying on top of preventive maintenance (PM) requirements can prove difficult. With visual standards to keep such stores pristine so much more stringent with luxury brands, the PM activity is very high.

In addition, sourcing the right contractors is critical to maintain brand standards (also known as Brand Uptime). Luxury retail stores often have unique, custom designed finishes and high end wood and upholstered furnishings. Having access to a wide variety of qualified contractors with specific skills is crucial.

ServiceChannel has built its platform to handle just these types of problems.

Many luxury brands have a “flagship” location, often located in New York City. ServiceChannel provides these brands with the flexibility to service that store for their specific needs. Though all these luxury brands’ stores have high standards, these flagship stores need and always receive special treatment.

For one global luxury brand, a principal problem was managing the large number of internal providers servicing its flagship Fifth Avenue store. With work assigned via phone or email, it was nearly impossible to track and monitor who was doing what when.

To address this challenge, we set up all internal providers on ServiceChannel’s platform. Then, with all work order requests and PMs now recorded systematically, the brand had newfound control and visibility in what was being done and by whom, as well as up-to-the-minute status. This allowed team leaders to evenly distribute the workload by provider availability (whether internal or third party contractor) and easily reassign work orders when needed.

We created a separate online dashboard, contractor list, PM schedule, site-specific priorities and ETAs for service for its flagship location. Everything in ServiceChannel that the store and the facilities support team sees was designed and configured to meet the needs of this single location. This new model allows the retailer to see who is most productive and hold each provider accountable for assigned work tickets.

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