Implementation Services

Statement of Work

In Scope

Remote Kickoff / Project Management

  • Introductions and Project team review
  • ServiceChannel Implementation Methodology
  • Review Customer’s success criteria for the program
  • Explanation of Required data in specific format
  • In Scope review
  • Timeline Expectation
  • Weekly Status meetings

Design Sessions

  • Remote & Onsite review of customer current business processes in relation to work order management and Planned Maintenance
    • — SC will make recommendations on design of how system will function and document
    • — Include two onsite visits by SC Project Manager/Business Analyst
  • Four remote product immersion sessions – Two Compliance Manager & Two Service Automation
  • Initial issue List construction based on ServiceChannel Standard Best Practice
    • — Remote deep dive into Issue list with customer
  • Integration workflow review – if applicable – Integrations to be named
  • Review of legacy data – data mapping session

Configuration – Compliance Manager (Private Network)

  • Set up Clients Private Network
  • Provide Template notification information for Client to provide to Contractors
  • Training/Assistance in setting up initial (3) requirements provided by Clients
  • Training/Assistance in inviting initial group of contractors (up to 100), using bulk import toul

Configuration – Service Automation

Configuration based on ServiceChannel (SC) Best Practices, client data collection

  • URL configured with client’s name
  • Custom website branding – white labeling
    • — Login Page
    • — Dashboard (Location Portal)
  • Two Dashboards (Location Portal)
  • Dashboard configuration (Request Confirmation, Areas, Feedback, Notes, etc.) – based on business workflow review
  • Standard Issue List load (Specific to Business type – Retail, Restaurant, etc.)
    • — Issue List configuration assistance
      • Issues, Overrides, Areas, and Interactive Troubleshooting
      • New Store Warranty Override
  • Location Import
  • Location Note Import
  • GL Code Import
  • Standard Location Notes
  • Standard Trades/NTE
  • Standard Categories
  • Standard Statuses
  • Standard Priority/ETA
  • Standard User Rule
  • Import Users
  • Standard Alerts
  • Telecom IVR
  • Contractor GPS enablement
  • Standard Budget Override Configuration
  • Configuration assistance of any non standard Priorities, Categories, Trades, Status, User Rules, Location Notes

Advanced Configuration – Service Automation (If necessary based on business review sessions)

  • Multi-Level Invoice Approval  processes (MLI) – If necessary based on business review
  • Multi-Level Proposal Approval processes (MLP) – if necessary based on business review
  • Auto Invoice Approval processes  – if necessary based on business review
  • Asset importing guidance and configuration assistance – SC to aid in importing 50% of assets
  • Planned Maintenance guidance and configuration assistance – SC to aid in configuration – 50% of planned maintenance schedules
  • Flat file feed processes – if necessary based on business review (Customer’s IT team will need to be included)
    • Location Feed – Standard SC Feed
    • Location Note Feed – Standard SC Feed
    • User Feed – Standard SC Feed
    • MLI Levels Feed – Standard SC Feed
    • Payment/Remittance Manager – Standard SC Feed
  • Single Sign On capabilities – SAML or simple – If Applicable
  • Migration of customer’s legacy data

Remote Roll out Support, Handholding & AE Handoff (for up to 1 month)

  • Project Manager & Sulutions Specialist will be available remotely for ad hoc questioning for both Compliance Manager & Service Automation

Invoice Management (eInvoice)

  • Review Session with AP/IT Team
  • Custom File Structure/Mapping Review – based on customer’s needs
    • — Delivery via email or SFTP process
  • File development by SC
  • Q/A & UAT – 2 iterations
  • Deployment & Roll out

Training (all remote via GoToMeeting)

Class Description Hours
Compliance Manager Establish Requirements, Send Invites & (Accept/Decline) Invites , Searching for Contractors, General usability. 6
Location Staff Training Training location users on how to enter work orders, search work order history,add notes and provide feedback. 4
Day in Life of FM Training Learn how to create, search and manage work orders within Service Automation. 6
Planned Maintenance Module Learn how to create and maintain Planned Maintenance schedules, using ServiceChannel’s best practice. 4
Dashboard Admin Training Location Portal Administrative functions & Issue List Management. 4
Admin Training Learn how to manage Service Automation locations, users, provider assignments, work order properties and more. 4
Standard Analytics Training Learn how to access and navigate the Analytics module, recognize and interpret the top Analytics reports, save a custom view and set up subscriptions to reports. 2
Contractor Training Web tutorial available for all contractors and 1 hour online sessions (webinar) available upon contractor request. N/A
Total Training Hours 30 Hours

Out of Scope

Additional Modules/Integrations

Any configuration or training associated with modules not subscribed to

  • Supply Manager
  • Payment Manager
  • Custom Analytics
    • — Custom Report building assistance

Service Automation Advanced Configuration

  • Data Warehouse

Contractor On-Boarding

  • Fullow Up with contractors to assist with registration and profile completion
  • Setup contractor relationships to trades and locations for work order dispatch
  • Nudge contractors to pay attention to invitation

Client Responsibility

Provide Completed ServiceChannel Data Collection Templates

  • Locations
  • Location Notes
  • Users Data
  • GL Codes
  • Telecom
  • Configure Location/Trade/Provider relationships
  • Configuration of 50% of all system processes – Issue List, Planned Maintenance schedules, Assets
  • Provide data from legacy system in SC format

 Contractor On-Boarding

  • Invite, review and accept contractors into Private Network
  • Follow Up with contractors needing assistance
  • Nudge contractors to complete their profile
  • Setup contractor relationships to trades and locations for work order dispatch

Invoice Management (eInvoice)

  • Internally define business requirements  using the standard SC eInvoice file with assistance of AP/IT contacts
  • Complete testing with ServiceChannel team

Manage System Changes Post Go Live

  • Through provided training sessions client will be able to manage system changes post go live
  • Client will always have ServiceChannel University & Learning Channel as resources


All Training Sessions Performed
Baseline Configuration of Service Automation Platform
Standard Issue List Configuration
Delivery of custom eInvoice File
Initial configuration document – to be signed off on by customer
Integrations functional and documented