What Our Contractors Say


“ServiceChannel harnesses the efficiencies of service automation to streamline the relationship between us and our clients. We love the fact that the platform is completely transparent in the way it enhances, not impedes our business transactions with customers. This is a major distinction compared to other technology options we’ve encountered.”

Reuben Parker, Account Manager, Roto-Rooter


Chain Store Maintenance

“When issues arise we have found ServiceChannel support quick to respond and knowledgeable. Tech support will alert us via text and by email and make sure that we are updated on progress until there is a resolution.”

Maryclarie McCarthy, Manager of Operations, Chain Store Maintenance



“ServiceChannel has been hugely instrumental in our growth. Since we were first listed on Fixxbook, we’ve seen an increasing amount of our retail customers switch to ServiceChannel. Now, we simply receive automated e-mail requests (from Facility Managers) and it’s clear that they can continue to focus on all of their other responsibilities while easily dispatching emergency pick-ups or planned fixture removals.”

Jeff Szita, Sales Manager, National Accounts & Strategic Alliances, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

Global Facility Management & Construction

“We’ve been a ServiceChannel partner for almost 10 years and we’ve always found that the platform offers us an easy way to keep our clients up-to-date in real time across all work orders. Through the use of integration tools like XML Exchange, we’re able to be that much more effective for our customers. Global can type an update into ServiceChannel and it will instantly populate in our own proprietary internal work order management system.”

Danielle Uanino, Operations Manager, Global Facility Management & Construction


“Communication is really key for us. ServiceChannel provides a way for us to communicate directly with our customers electronically in real time and update status with them. In the past we would have to rely on phone.”

Reuben Parker, Corporate Account Manager, Roto-Rooter




“ServiceChannel is one of the most streamlined third parties that we use. We appreciate the user-friendly work order management site; it makes it easy for our CSRs to do their day-to-day work.”

Katherine Bowen, Terminix


ACS Commercial Services

“Compliance Manager gives our customers real-time, pin point data to help ensure that we remain compliant with important corporate and regulatory requirements,” “This only enhances our relationship with our customers and helps us provide better, more value-added services.”

Anthony Tallerine, Owner, ACS Commercial Services


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