The Future of Service Automation & FM Technologies | Tom Buiocchi – CEO of ServiceChannel

CEO & FM industry-leader Tom Buiocchi of ServiceChannel discusses workplace trends, business process automation and how technology will impact the future of the Facilities Management environment. Mike Petrusky, from Kayrell Connections asks Tom about collaboration, the internet of things and how facility managers can present the business case for new FM technologies to the C-suite. We learn a little bit about Tom personally and get valuable insights from his career leading innovative companies.




How to Evaluate A Facilities Management Platform

Leading retailers, restaurant and convenience store chains are increasingly realizing significant and tangible hard dollar benefits from deploying a modern facilities management system. Today, facilities managers are able to simplify and automate complex and time-consuming processes involved with managing a maintenance program. Learn from the leading retail and convenience store chains, AutoNation and RaceTrac, as they share their experiences and tips with purchasing and implementing a facilities management system.




Distributing Analytics to Drive Innovation & Grow Revenue

— Untapped value in retail and hospitality data
— How to discover the value of data to YOUR audience
— How ServiceChannel uncovered their opportunity
— Real world results impacting their customers and business