Razoos“We now have new insights into our operations and we can tackle issues in ways that we had never even thought about before,” Bayless said. “ServiceChannel has been a force multiplier in terms of how we manage our spending and budgets. It has also given us the means to establish new budget parameters, make more informed decisions, and mitigate issues more quickly and less expensively.”

Craig Bayless
Director Facilities Management


Hertz LogoHaving worked with various systems of this type at 3 different Fortune 500 companies and 2 major contractors, ServiceChannel is a great introductory CMMS program. It is very simplistic in its approach to creating work orders and is by far the most contractor-friendly for those with limited technical experience or back office support. The initial training support is fantastic! It is one of the most widely used systems today, most likely due to its ease of use. Therefore, there is an abundance of very qualified contractors readily available to support your needs. Once set up, the electronic payment portion is an outstanding benefit. Extremely effective and easy. I appreciate the team/account manager dedicated to our account. They are always available and willing to help. Excellent partnership and extremely responsive.”

Ron Matthews
Regional Facilities Manager
The Hertz Corporation


retail facilities management“A solid Facilities Maintenance management software solution. The product itself is relatively intuitive and a quick learn. If you’re not sure how to do something, figuring it out is usually not too difficult. The reporting capabilities are great. I use a variety of reports out of this system on a regular basis to keep tabs on tickets for over 850 locations. ServiceChannel is responsive, and in my experience a great partner.”

Tony Lago
Store Facilities Supervisor
Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores


NEIMAN-MARCUS“The ease of use is especially important for both the vendors, as well as the administrative side. The responsiveness of my Account Executive has been incredible. Having come into the administrative side, I immediately began asking for modifications to the way our organization was using the system. This required some programming changes and mapping changes in Service Channel. The patience of the technical team, their responsiveness, and their willingness to help me to revamp our instance of the software is impressive.”

Chris Bolin
Support Manager
Neiman Marcus


DSW“ServiceChannel allows the client to pull the info, edit info, and use the system without having to rely on an account rep to always do it for you. Having the ability to pull the info yourself and not wait for an account manager to do it for you saves time and allows you to be more involved and catch things you might not have caught. The training for the system was very thorough and helpful to a smooth roll out process. I have also found that this system doesn’t run slowly as our previous system did. And getting the automatic emails letting you know that the system is having and issue from ServiceHealth is a very nice feature.”

Nicole Birchfield
Senior Store Facilities Coordinator
DSW Inc.


restaurant facilities management“My experience with ServiceChannel has been a game changer. ServiceChannel has a habit of providing efficiency to front line users and senior level decision makers. The distance between those two is tremendous, so that’s no easy task.”

Spencer Dukes
Facilities Manager
Ruby Tuesday


restaurant facilities management“We were looking for a technology platform that would enable us to select our own facility maintenance vendors and directly manage both the quality and cost of service. The ServiceChannel platform provides easy-to-use tools, and many of our 1,500 plus contractors already utilize ServiceChannel.”

Ruby Tuesday


SALONCENTRIC“Thank God for ServiceChannel! ServiceChannel really helped me get organized, especially since I’m a one-person show for 580 stores. I am able to see spend and control what the stores are putting tickets in for. It also has helped our accounting department greatly since all our vendors are paid through ServiceChannel ACH.”

Melissa Silverman
Director of Store Development


retail facilities management“When David’s Bridal, Inc was sourcing for an on-line facilities management vendor, ServiceChannel provided us with an opportunity to consolidate several antiquated systems and processes into one streamlined platform. ServiceChannel has allowed the facilities department to increase efficiency. Also, ServiceChannel’s varied applications have helped to reduce costs through more aggressive project sourcing, holding vendors more accountable to the terms and conditions of the service agreements and ultimately to improve service to our stores and their associates.”

David Connelly
Strategic Sourcing Manager
David’s Bridal, Inc.


EZCORP Inc. Logo“I like that the SC team and the system are all customer centric. They actively seek feedback from clients and work to implement changes and improvements to better meet the needs of the client through functionality, ease of use, and customized reporting.”

Michael Nobbs
Facilities Manager


facility management software

“Retailers are constantly looking to find ways to make improvements in operations as well as measure and track the performance of their partners – the goal being to provide great service while ultimately reducing costs. I have worked with ServiceChannel for many years and their innovative technology and constant efforts to provide best in class service to their customers makes them such a great partner and differentiates them from their competitors. I have had the opportunity to view their new Business Intelligence platform as well as discuss their initiatives with them and I am truly impressed with what they have achieved here. ServiceChannel is in the process of transforming the industry, assisting companies better understand and run their operations, and assisting their service providers to better understand and compete. The Contractor ScoreCard is already yielding significant results… ServiceChannel’s vision for more than 10 years has been to innovate this collaborative relationship, offering valuable tools to both sides of the facilities maintenance equation.”

Paul Walsh
Former Board President
PRSM Association


Mobile Fixture The Kitchen and Restaurant StoreSimple to use, easy to teach. Flexible ability to set up the rules as you wish, generate any type of report you need, ability to make quick changes throughout the process. Using current vendors that you already have relationships with a big plus.”

Danny Koontz
VP of Business Development
Mobile Fixture – The Kitchen and Restaurant Store


The Betty Mills Company“In addition to providing our customers with the best physical tools of their trade, with Fixxbook we can now provide them with access to a valuable customer acquisition tool.”

Victor Hanna
The Betty Mills Company


 Cosi“We selected ServiceChannel not just because of the value they bring as a “call center”, but because of the service they provide as a data management partner. As we have evolved our processes to improve how we manage information, we continue to be pleasantly surprised by the functionality that ServiceChannel provides, and the inherent adaptability of the system.”

James Franke
Regional Facilities Manager
Cosi, Inc.


computer aided facilities management system“I used to spend my days fighting fires. Responding to a flood of emails, entering information into an Excel spreadsheet, following up on calls to stores and vendors, and buried in a sea of invoices to stamp and sign – there were always so many more important things I wanted to get done but never could. The idea of Contractor ScoreCarding, automated troubleshooting, and electronic invoicing were so far away it was laughable. With the implementation of ServiceChannel I no longer feel that the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train! Now my contractors enter data so I don’t have to. No more GL coding, no more follow up phone calls, no more data entry in Excel. ServiceChannel follows my rules to tell me when important things happen that require my attention. The impact on my quality of life and the effectiveness of my facilities program has been dramatic.”

Jeanne Iorg
Facility Maintenance Manager
Cash America


restaurant facilities management“The ease of locating and printing reports using ‘ServiceChannel Analytics‘ is a facilities person’s answer to controlling your costs and forecasting for the future…. Having ease and clarity surrounding real costs and how they associate to the not to exceed numbers is alone worth the cost of using ServiceChannel.”

Charles Dugo
Director of Facilities
Ovation Brands


retail facilities management“I have had the pleasure of using ServiceChannel at two different retailers, which allowed me to see the different ways in which the industry can leverage the system for their specific needs. However, the biggest opportunity is the visibility and accountability it brings to both the store level and to the contractors. This allows us to better manage our spend across the board.”

Myriah Kingen
Facilities Director
Burlington Coat Factory


 healthcare facilities management“When we sat down to decide on a facilities partner, one thing was clear –we did not want to outsource control of our facilities department. We wanted a solution where we chose our vendors and owned those relationships, where we decided how and when service would get done and where we were in charge of our own brand experience. For us, ServiceChannel was the best choice. It engaged our vendors so that we could focus on high value work while automating low impact tasks. It gives us accurate, real-time, unbiased information on our contractor performance so we can make more informed decisions, and it enables us to manage our program the way that we want it to be managed. ServiceChannel means better information, higher impact work, and technology that keeps us in control.”

Facilities Maintenance Manager
Smile Brands, Inc.


advanced facility management services inc“ServiceChannel Email alerts verify contractor compliance and help ensure that all routine calls are carried out as specified in the allotted time frame.”

Chain Store Age


 facility maintenance solutions“ServiceChannel has significantly reduced the time and costs involved in maintaining our facilities.”

Jim Missell
Assistant Director of Facilities
University of Connecticut School of Law


 facility maintenance services“I was reluctant at first and didn’t believe that the technology could actually produce the kind of ROI it promised. However, after one year, one person manages ServiceChannel and processes approximately 650 work orders per month. We have reduced labor costs, drastically reduced paper, and are committed to having all of our contractors fully on board with the new electronic system.”

 Andrew Carbonara
Vice President of General Services


retail facilities management“When there’s a poor brand perception due to customer touchpoints that fail to meet expectations, you’re putting your company at a significant competitive disadvantage.”



“A year after we implemented ServiceChannel we won department of the year, and I won most helpful employee of the year.”

Facilities Manager
Fast Food Chain


“Retailer’s wide variety of dispersed locations demands the efficient use of electronic tracking and reporting throughout the service process. Successful suppliers that engage in long-term relationships with Retailer should work to streamline and automate processes. As such, technology should be used, whenever possible, to further reduce costs, for both the supplier(s) and Retailer. [Retailer is looking to] determine each supplier’s technological leadership…”

Large national retail account (3500 locations across the U.S.)


The data from ServiceChannel gave us both qualitative and quantitative information that lets us work more strategically with our contractors, which is a win-win for everyone.”

Facilities Sourcing Manager
Global Retailer


“Foundation, Foundation, Foundation!!! ServiceChannel has provided Nike the ability to effectively communicate and interact with our business partners both internal and external,” says Brian Peoples, Store Operations, Nike North America Retail. “They are available and open to constructive feedback and will act upon it quickly and decisively. ServiceChannel helps Nike Facilities become a better team.”

Brian Peoples
Store Operations