Call Center Services

Easily Submit Service Requests via Phone, Wherever You Are

What Our Facilities Management Call Center Services Cover


Telephone work order submission, escalation and troubleshooting

Customer Requests (Chores, Templates, Maintenance) Completed

Calls Handled

Second Response Time

Get Personal Assistance to Report Repair & Maintenance Issues

ServiceChannel offers multiple ways to enter service requests into Work Order Manager. In addition to using the web-based configurable Location Dashboard or mobile application, you can also do so simply via phone through a full service Call Center.

Through our Call Center Services, anyone on your team or across your company can report issues and submit service requests quickly and easily, regardless of location, just by making a call. You’re no longer tied to your computer to start the work order process, unable to find out if you can easily resolve the issue or forced to recall the problem’s specifics when you’re away from the location.

The Call Center is available 24x7x365 and its team has full access to all Location Dashboard features, including the Troubleshooting Wizard. The Call Center is built on advanced telephony technology, enabling ServiceChannel to use your own customized business logic to route individual calls based on specific situations and use cases.

Handling Urgent Issues

While commonly used for emergency requests, the Call Center also can provide first level support for work order dispatch confirmation for all demand requests, such as:

  • Proving notification that an emergency work order has not been confirmed/accepted after a specific time period
  • Calling a contractor to confirm acceptance
  • If accepted, updating work order status
  • If contractor unreachable or declines the work order, following your company procedure and either reassigning the work order to the secondary contractor or escalating the issue accordingly.

This service helps ensure that emergency work orders are responded to in a timely manner, as well as serving as an extension of your team so you do not have to touch all requests after hours.


Resolve Problems Fast & Efficiently

ServiceChannel Call Center agents submit requests via the same Location Dashboard so that all data in the system remains consistent.  As part of the work order submission process, the Call Center team can help your staff troubleshoot issues before placing service requests, both improving service by resolving issues quickly and reducing costs by eliminating contractor visits for issues not requiring external on-site assistance.

Experienced Team Adds Value to Your
Facilities Management Program

ServiceChannel has a dedicated staff of inbound and outbound agents to handle all customer calls and needs, as well as qualified team coaches, a quality assurance agent, team leads and a Call Center Manager. Our agents are thoroughly trained in ServiceChannel technology and have deep experience in providing industry-leading customer support. All our agents use a web-based portal to access up-to-date customer information, procedures and escalation requirements. Our agents work with our customers to lower service request costs by following key troubleshooting and call avoidance steps embedded in our solutions. The entire team undergoes continuous training to stay current with ServiceChannel technology upgrades as well as our customers’ needs and requirements

How It Helps



Submit work orders immediately, on-site, and get contractors on the job faster


Let anyone report issues easily and start the resolution workflow

Reduce Costs

Eliminate unnecessary contractor service calls by troubleshooting and resolving known issues


Emergency Issue Attention

Ensure high priority problems are addressed immediately and monitored until resolved

Call Performance Reporting

Track key measures such as calls offered and abandoned, and average call duration


Customized Issue Escalation

Define custom call scripts and escalation procedures to ensure appropriate attention


“The Service Channel support team has been there for me all the way through this pass year to answer questions and support. All I have to do is call or email, and they respond very quickly.”


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