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Ensure Contractor Compliance to Corporate and Regulatory Requirements
Across All Your Locations

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How Our Compliance Management Software Works

Risk management software is crucial to managing contractor relationships. ServiceChannel Compliance Manager allows facilities managers to mitigate operational risk with confidence.

With a dynamic dashboard presenting real-time data, intuitive navigation, and a customizable format, Compliance Manager streamlines the entire compliance management process. Everything from contractor sourcing to contractor management is in one place.

ServiceChannel’s Risk Management Software

Our risk-management software monitors and manages all key information for your service providers and contractors including credentials and insurance, ensuring contractor and supplier adherence to client requirements. With Compliance Manager, you can:

  • Invite new service providers on the ServiceChannel platform to join your private network
  • Review the profiles of all your service providers, download their W9 and sales tax reports, approve their rates, and communicate efficiently
  • Manage basic and custom requirements for the service providers in your private network
  • Indicate insurance requirements for contractors in detail; review, take action upon and monitor the status of insurance for all contractors
  • View the compliance status of all your service providers and send notifications to those that are non-compliant
  • Use bulk email templates to send reminders and encourage action if compliance lapses
  • Add standard and exception payment terms for your service providers, specifying payment dates and applicable discounts

How It Helps

Reduce Risk

Know when an expiration date is coming up, ensuring that agreements, custom company requirements, and legal compliance are up-to-date

Eliminate Non-Compliant Providers

Ensure you’re never at risk of deploying an unlicensed or uninsured contractor who is out of compliance


Manage Risk

Use the Argos Risk Score tool to assess the overall financial, payment, and going concern risk associated with a specific contractor’s business – combining multiple risk factors into one simple score


Integrate Sourcing with Compliance

Find new service providers from our proprietary directory of 50,000+ credentialed commercial contractors (Fixxbook) and invite them to join your ServiceChannel Private Network


Contractor Sourcing

Identify and vet prospective contractors and invite them to apply to join your Private Network

Contractor Management

Track credentials, financial status, certification expirations, insurances and licenses, etc.



Proprietary Contract Requirement

Consolidate and communicate terms & conditions and company-specific requirements that contractors must agree to


Private Contractor Network

Capture self-reported data about your contractor’s business and its representatives including insurances forms, licenses, certifications & accreditations, tax forms/W-9s, associations and affiliations, recommendations & references, etc.

Credential Monitoring

Define and set 15+ configurable alerts to monitor certification, insurance & license expirations, trade credentials, financial status, business health, rate changes, etc.

“Our experience with Compliance Manager has shown it to be an effective tool to improve the efficiency and speed of monitoring and managing our overall vendor compliance program.”

Joe Stallone, Facilities Manager, Shake Shack

“Compliance Manager gives our customers real-time, pin point data to help ensure that we remain compliant with important corporate and regulatory requirements…this only enhances our relationship with our customers and helps us provide better, more value-added services.”

Anthony Tallerine,CEO, ACS Commercial Services
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