Invoice Manager

Reduce Invoice & Processing Costs
and Shorten Invoice Approval Time


How Our Contractor Invoicing Processing Software Works

Invoice Manager is ServiceChannel’s answer to payment processing and invoice automation software. Our cloud-based solution tracks invoices from work order creation through invoice submission, approval, and electronic payment.

Invoice automation software is a benefit to facilities management, location staff, Accounts Payable and service providers. The Invoice Manager easy-to-use dashboard provides transparency into every step of invoice processing. Invoice automation enables facility operations to manage how and when service providers invoice; when to automatically approve invoices; and when invoices need to move up the hierarchy for review and approvals. The result: more transparency, more efficient expense tracking, and better budget management in the invoicing workflow.

Invoice Automation in 4 Simple Steps

  1. On-site staff approves the work order
  2. Contractor creates an invoice via a simple interface or via batch loader
  3. Invoices that meet your validation rules based on a configuration of trade, category, amount are auto-approved
  4. Higher value invoices (above NTE parameters) are made available for review and approval

ServiceChannel’s invoice automation software easily integrates into your company’s financial system, saving even more time and further reducing potential errors. And while Invoice Manager functionality includes invoice auto-approval, you always have the ability to review rates and contractor check-in data.

Invoice Manager invoice automation streamlines Accounts Payable even further: pay individual invoices or approve payments in bulk (and then pay via Payment Manager). Real-time tracking lets you monitor cash flow.

As specialists in invoice automation software, ServiceChannel lets you tailor dashboards to best align with your Accounts Payable workflows and set KPI parameters. Gain greater clarity about spend by trade, location and contractor.

Step 1

On-site staff approves the work order

Step 2

Contractor creates an invoice via a simple interface or via batch loader

Step 3

Invoices that meet your validation rules are auto-approved

Step 4

Higher value invoices are made available for simple review and approval

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How It Helps

Save Time

Spend less time reviewing/approving invoices, and managing payments


Improve Efficiency

Eliminate invoice re-keying and cutting volumes of checks



Enhance Compliance and Security

Audit trail provided for all invoices and payments



Invoice Only Validated Work

Contractors can only invoice for work approved by your site personnel


Rapid Approval

Set up auto-approval rules based on contracted rates and easily approve exceptions

Accounting System Integration

Transmit GL-coded invoice data to your accounting system

Payment Status Tracking

Track/monitor invoice payment status

Customer Use Case

Many large retailers and restaurant chain clients have Multi-Level Invoicing (MLI) in place. Automatic escalation of invoices through defined structure is much more efficient than manually routing invoices to the appropriate level. Saves time through automated system emails and making sure that users only review what’s appropriate to their approval level.

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