Planned Maintenance ManagerPlanned Maintenance Manager

Preventive Maintenance Software – Less Time, Better Follow-Through on Scheduled Maintenance

How Planned Maintenance Manager Works

Whether you refer to it as preventative maintenance or preventive maintenance, your equipment needs to be consistently and professionally maintained to extend its work life and to avoid break down. Planned Maintenance Manager, ServiceChannel’s preventive maintenance software, ensures that scheduled maintenance programs are instituted and adhered to for every piece of equipment across your enterprise.

Planned Maintenance Manager eliminates the risk of failing to schedule routine maintenance. Our preventive maintenance software keeps track of what maintenance needs to be performed, at what frequency, and which service provider to use.

  • Ensure all sites get the scheduled services they need
  • Set up site-specific frequencies via our web interface or file upload
  • Generate work orders automatically on the right day to the appropriate service provider
  • Validate work by IVR & GPS contractor check-in tools
Preventive Maintenance Management Software Calendar

Benefits of ServiceChannel’s Planned Maintenance Manager

There’s no slacking off when it comes to preventive maintenance; otherwise your organization runs the risk of equipment failure. No retailer wants air conditioning that fails, no restaurant can afford stoves that don’t function, no office can operate without technology, and no organization can manage without lights.

Planned Maintenance Manager ensures that equipment is kept in working order, reduces the cost of lost productivity, and minimizes the expense of emergency repairs and overnight parts shipping. And with equipment in optimum working order, preventive maintenance software also supports brand uptime, a positive customer experience, and everyone’s safety.

Planned maintenance is much less expensive and disruptive than emergency repair. Our preventive maintenance software lets you schedule work when it’s convenient for your operations.

Preventive Maintenance Repairs

How It Helps

Simplify Recurring Event Scheduling

Easily create planned maintenance schedules with flexible schedule entry and management



Create Work Orders Automatically

Create a more accurate picture of assets to repair, maintain, and replace to lower TCO


Get Work Done Faster

Ensure that work orders for planned maintenance are dispatched to the right contractor and follow the typical work order lifecycle

Cut Costs

Further reduce your costs of operation by setting your planned maintenance service requests to not require work order and/or invoice approval for your trusted vendors

Planned Maintenance Manager Features

Flexible Scheduling

Create schedules based on required service frequency

Real-time Monitoring

Manage all maintenance events via location calendars and reports


Financial Control

Keep costs in line through advanced knowledge of all upcoming planned services

Business Intelligence

Uncover actionable insights via ServiceChannel Analytics

Service Validation

Validate work performed via check-in and check-out


Pricing Controls

Limit service fees to contractors

Automated Billing

Auto-generate an invoice based on your contracted rates on behalf of contractor upon service completion


Partner Knowledge Sharing

Include maintenance checklists for your contractors

“From finding and qualifying contractors to managing labor and supplies all the way through final payment, ServiceChannel is a complete solution: part CMMS and part e-procurement.”

Facilities Sourcing Manager, Global Retailer