Site AccessSite Access

Transparency for Technician Identification and Location Access

How Site Access Works

ServiceChannel Site Access offers an added level of onsite security and transparency at all your locations. Site Access ensures third-party technician identify verification and controls location access. It can even perform technician background checking. And it’s all done as part of the Service Automation platform.

Site Access is driven by a ServiceChannel “Badge,” a digitally generated ID composed of a photo and scannable barcode that, with appropriate approval, allows a technician or other designated person access to a location for a specific job (i.e., work order) at a specified time.

Site Access provides the security and safety of informing you who is accessing your stores, restaurants, branches, and so forth at all times. You’ll have the reassurance of putting a name to a face so that onsite personnel know who to expect and you’ll always know exactly how many technicians are at a location at any given time.


Site Access Allows You to:

  • Increase safety, security, and compliance adherence across all locations
  • Increase transparency and accountability – know exactly who is coming and when
  • Easily and efficiently audit contractor compliance
  • Reduce call volume and stress related to tracking technician arrival
  • Improve efficiency, quality of service, and brand uptime
  • Enhance risk prevention

How It Helps

Gain Greater Visibility

Facilities managers (FMs) and location staff can see who’s coming to their locations and view a daily summary of who accessed each location



Enhance Employee and Customer Security

Know the who, where, when, and why for each service technician at each location



Improve Compliance

View technician license and certification status


Save Time

Expedite the process for giving technicians location access approval and check-in for work orders

Site Access Features

Verify Contractor Identity

Scan each mobile technician’s “Badge” to confirm identity and work order details at check-in

Improve Communications

Contact technicians via text message

Time and Rate Tracking

Track individual work time and rates per technician


Background Checks

FMs can require technician background check verification


Enhanced Work Order Process

Technicians can see all assigned work orders, log time against each work order, and add notes and photos to work orders


Safety Information

Technicians can easily access site emergency contact and evacuation information