ServiceChannel Announcement

Big Sky Technologies

is now part of the

ServiceChannel team

What did ServiceChannel announce?

ServiceChannel is acquiring Big Sky Technologies (“Big Sky”) a privately held software-as-a-service company based in San Diego, Calif., which focuses on facilities maintenance and operations.

Why is ServiceChannel acquiring Big Sky?

Big Sky is a leading provider in the facilities maintenance and operations software market with deployments at a number of leading brands. The acquisition directly supports both companies’ visions and plans to accelerate innovation in this industry, to provide more choices to customers, and to increase overall value to the market.

What products and services does Big Sky offer?

Big Sky develops and hosts a complete software suite to help retail and restaurant organizations manage their facilities, assets, operations and contractors across multiple locations. The Big Sky solution is designed to allow companies to easily initiate, track and resolve any type of issue in their locations, from facilities and operations to procurement and compliance, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How do the Big Sky and ServiceChannel solutions differ?

ServiceChannel and Big Sky both offer SaaS platforms designed to automate many aspects of facilities and operations management including maintenance and repairs. ServiceChannel offers enterprise-class features, scale, and functionality, and is ideal for widely distributed, even global enterprises. Big Sky offers a highly configurable solution that can be fit to any operational model and extended to support multiple departments across a single organization. ServiceChannel is planning to offer both solutions to give customers value and flexibility in choosing the best option for them.

Will you be adding feature enhancements to the Big Sky platform according to a standard release schedule?

ServiceChannel plans to offer both solutions as part of an expanded portfolio with the commitment to support current roadmaps.  The combined company will evaluate and manage future roadmaps and solution options as part of a longer-term business strategy that is strongly influenced by customer feedback.

How will this acquisition impact Big Sky’s current customers?

There are no plans for any near-term changes to Big Sky’s product and customer support models. Our goal is to make the acquisition and integration as seamless for customers as possible. Any contemplated changes will be strongly driven by customer feedback and input, and will be implemented as part of our longer-term, on-going business model.

Will Big Sky's current customers be forced to migrate to ServiceChannel?

No, Big Sky and ServiceChannel customers can choose to remain on their current platform. New customers can also choose to license either platform that ServiceChannel will make available as part of an expanded solution portfolio. ServiceChannel will evaluate options for solution migration and upgrades as part of a longer-term business strategy.

As a customer, will I have access to ServiceChannel or Big Sky tools not available to us now without migrating to the other platform?

Not immediately. However, longer term product plans and roadmap decisions and requests such as this will be developed and strongly driven by customer input and feedback.

What are the financial terms of the acquisition?

The financial terms are confidential.

When will the acquisition close?

The acquisition has already closed.

Is ServiceChannel evaluating other acquisitions at this time?

We do not comment or speculate on such matters. In general, ServiceChannel is a rapidly growing company and our business strategy leverages build, buy, and partnering options in order to maximize speed and efficiency.