ServiceChannel Contracts

Service Level Agreement

Summary of severity levels and response time

ClassificationFailure DescriptionResponse
Level 1Fatal, no useful work can be done.Resolve within 2 hours, 90% of the time.
Level 2Severe impact, major functionality disabled. Errors cause intermittent system failure. Performance issues.If problem not resolved in 24 hours, status update with projected timeframe for resolution or next update.
Level 3Degraded operations/minimal impact, Errors causing malfunction of non-critical functionality.Status updated provided periodically until resolved.


Scheduled Hours7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Scheduled Uptime99.5% of scheduled hours.
Scheduled DowntimeAny downtime where Customer is notified in advance.

The services shall be available 99.5% of the time in any given month during the Term, excluding scheduled maintenance coordinated with Customer.

Security and Disaster Recovery

Platform Security and Encryption

ServiceChannel uses industry leading technologies and techniques to secure your systems and data. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Data at rest is encrypted using strong cipher AES_256 encryption. All data in transit is encrypted using SSL certificates offering 256-bit encryption (“strong SSL security”). These are among the best secure server software (SSL) available today for secure service transactions. It encrypts client facility maintenance information transmitted through the ServiceChannel website, including company and contact information, service requests and work history, reports, proposals and invoices. Information is scrambled and then transmitted to a user’s browser where it is decrypted automatically. Other methods of data transmission, such as FTP/sFTP/AS2, can be encrypted as well using standard secure protocols (SSL or SSH).

All ServiceChannel applications reside behind dedicated firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Production servers are located on dedicated and isolated networks protected by industry standard network security. Only authorized personnel (such as ServiceChannel systems engineers) are allowed access to the production network.

Backup, Redundancy and Disaster Recovery

ServiceChannel applications and data are hosted by a cloud based, highly reliable, secure and scalable platform, Amazon Web Services. All ServiceChannel client data is redundantly stored and distributed in data centers across multiple physical locations. Core ServiceChannel applications are deployed so that in the event of a data center or individual equipment failure, there is sufficient capacity to enable traffic to be load-balanced and rerouted to the remaining sites. By utilizing cloud-based deployment, we isolate our application from our clients’ internal servers, therefore eliminating any chances of unauthorized access to our clients’ internal systems. Contractors and suppliers never access your internal systems. All ServiceChannel client data is automatically backed up on a scheduled basis and stored in multiple locations.

SSAE16 Audited and Compliant

ServiceChannel provides an SSAE16 audited and compliant platform that is secure, can scale, is regularly backed up, is redundant, runs at peak performance, and can recover from unforeseen disasters. ServiceChannel’s platform has been certified as SSAE 16 (SOC 1 Type II) compliant. This compliance demonstrates that your data is both held in a secure computing environment and can be accessed by authorized users only. SSAE 16 can be incorporated into a Sarbanes-Oxley compliance program and can help you comply with other regulations including IPAA, GLBA and ISO 27001

Redundant Telecom Systems

ServiceChannel maintains redundant, cloud IP-based telecom systems. This includes our telephone, call center, and IVR systems. In the event of a problem delivering calls to our primary telecom system the calls are automatically rerouted to alternate systems. Due to the IP-based nature of our telecom infrastructure, the switchover is seamless.