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ServiceChannel Overview

Learn about how ServiceChannel helps automate the repair and maintenance process for facilities managers. You can see how to cut your repair and maintenance costs and still get quality service, maintain compliance, and minimize risk. Easily manage contractors, work orders, preventative maintenance, assets, proposals, and invoices. Best of all, with state-of-the-art data analytics you can create reports that your CFO will love.

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ServiceChannel Product Overview

View our ServiceChannel’s product suite for facilities managers. See how to automate the service automation process with work orders, preventative maintenance, asset management, proposal management, automated invoicing, compliance and risk management, payment processing, and contractor sourcing. Supply management, site audits, and customized analytics will provide better insight into your businesses repair and maintenance spend.

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Service Automation Platform

Check out ServiceChannel’s cloud-based Service Automation for companies managing multi-location facilities. See how you can efficiently find/manage/pay and analyze contractor-delivered repair and maintenance services from a single dashboard.

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Learn How ServiceChannel’s Compliance Manager Works

Easily manage compliance of your contractor network. Check out our improved ServiceChannel Compliance Manager, which streamlines and simplifies the process of collecting, monitoring, and managing important details from your contractors, including W-9s, insurance, rates, licenses, and other business requirements.

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ServiceChannel Mobile App Overview

Learn about ServiceChannel’s mobile app for managing, tracking, and reporting facility management issues.

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ServiceChannel Site Audit Manager

Learn how a Facility Manager can easily capture and centralize actionable intelligence on location and equipment conditions with the Site Audit Manager App. With this application an FM can capture standardized facilities condition data while onsite, make more informed budgeting decisions and monitor location condition trends, all fully integrated with work order creation.

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ServiceChannel Supply Manager

See how Servicechannel’s Supply Manager can efficiently and transparently help Facilities Manager’s source parts and supplies from aggregated, customized supplier catalogs. Supply Manager is seamlessly integrated with ServiceChannel Service Automation and offers a variety of supplier enablement, catalog management, and end user shopping experiences to control spend, ensure quality, and track warranties.

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ServiceChannel Payment Manager

Learn how ServiceChannel’s Contractor Payment Management software reduces payment processing costs. ServiceChannel Payment Manager handles all payments to contractors for you. You get a consolidated invoice, and send a single payment. ServiceChannel then sends hundreds of vendor payments and answers vendor payment inquiries via ETF.

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ServiceChannel GPS Check-In

ServiceChannel’s GPS Check-in application allows technicians to satisfy their Work Order check-in and check-out requirements, in under a minute, using their mobile device. When compared to Interactive Voice Response, we’ve found that this saves the technician an average of 13 minutes per work order. Applied across hundreds of work orders every day, the total time and cost savings are significant.

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ServiceChannel Analytics Standard

ServiceChannel Analytics Standard deliver impactful, visual-based analytics with historical, current, and predictive views of business operations. Built for companies managing multi-site locations, our advanced analytics tool includes operational, tactical, and strategic visual style reports and dashboards that lead to more effective decision-making.

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ServiceChannel Analytics Premium

ServiceChannel’s Analytics Premium supercharges your facilities management program. This edition takes your analytics to new levels with tools that can help further reduce spend and increase quality of service. Analytics Premium includes: Analytics Custom, KPI Manager, Data Analyzer, Data Loader, and Data Updater.

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