What Is CMMS?

A CMMS, or computerized maintenance management system, is software that helps facilities managers track all of an organization’s assets (equipment, vehicles, stores/buildings, inventory), schedule all repair and preventive maintenance, monitor work orders, manage costs, and adhere to compliance standards.


CMMS Software Solutions–Support for Facilities Management

CMMS software lets you initiate and validate work performed in the field, and manage all planned & demanded service requests and proposals & invoices across all trades, categories, and locations. A CMMS is designed to keep external contractors accountable for work performed–contracted to be performed–and most important, provide unbiased independent data on contractor performance.


A CMMS will provide the following support to your facilities management team in three key areas:

  • Asset Management – A complete record of each asset – equipment, vehicles, fixtures – including location, purchase date, warranty, purchase or lease price, serial number, and service history.
  • Work Orders – Input of maintenance and repair requests, and tracking from submission through completion.
  • Compliance – Database to monitor that every contractor has the necessary and up-to-date insurance and certifications, thereby reducing compliance and safety risk.

Benefits of CMMS Software

Cut Costs

CMMS reduces and controls repair and maintenance costs without reducing service or quality of facilities. Order parts on a timely basis rather than waiting after something goes wrong – eliminate downtime and rush fees. Schedule contractors to minimize overtime.

Greater Visibility & Reporting

A CMMS provides visibility and transparency into repair & maintenance programs and facilitate the sharing of that information across your organization.

Boost Operational Efficiency

Improve quality of service and implement best practices.

Improve Service Delivery

Optimize contractor performance and mitigate risk exposure.

Maximize ROI

Adhere to a preventive maintenance schedule to prolong the life of assets.

Brand Integrity

Improve physical infrastructure to positively improve consumer experience and overall company performance.

Improve Response Time

A CMMS enables quicker contractor response time and hasten dispatch for repairs.

The Difference Between CMMS Software and Facility Management Software

Although a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can be a tremendous help to facilities managers it can also have limitations. Traditional CMMS software simply doesn’t support the full range of capabilities to run operations the way you need. While CMMS addresses tracking and maintenance, it doesn’t provide the crucial performance and spend analytics to make informed decisions, to identify trends or outliers, to source commercial contractors, perform invoice validation, or automate electronic payments. Nor does it allow two-way communication between your organization and your contractors. Its application is limited to your internal organization.

Unlike CMMS, facility management software is an all-in-one facilities management platform. It is one central hub to control all aspects of your facilities responsibilities, giving you a 360-degree view of your world and open communication with your providers.

Key Feature Differences: CMMS vs Facility Management Software

  • Contractor Sourcing – CMMS software does not connect with third-party contractors and therefore lacks the functionality to create a reference directory.
  • Metrics – Most CMMS are reporting systems and are not designed to perform analytics such as identifying trends and outliers.
  • Communication – Since typical CMMS software is not connected to third-party contractors there is no mechanism for communication, feedback, and notes.
  • Third-Party Compatibility – Most CMMS are standalone software. They are not designed to work with existing hardware, databases, and systems.
  • Invoicing and Payments – CMMS are sophisticated databases, but they are limited to the asset and the repair & maintenance work. They frequently lack the integration functionality to verify, initiate, and process payments to providers.

10 Key Items to Consider When Deciding Between an FM System or a CMMS

Questions to Ask FM System CMMS
Do you want someone else responsible for managing your risk? Does the vendor help you manage your risk by allowing you to track contractor compliance? Y N
Does the vendor give you spend analytics and trending? Y N
Does the vendor have an extensive network of providers across the country who are already trained and using their platform? Y N
Does the platform allow you to monitor your external contractor’s Quality of Service over time? Y N
Does the platform allow your third-party contractors to participate in the work order lifecycle keeping you apprised every step of the way? Y N
Does the platform allow your contractors to batch submit invoices to you electronically? Y N
Does the platform automate your provider payments? Y N
How confident are you that your invoices accurately reflect the hours worked and the contracted rates? Y N
Does the platform allow you to control how much your vendors can invoice you for typical jobs? Y  N

Unique Facility Management Solutions

When it comes to facilities management it is critical to have a partner with deep experience, technical expertise, and foresight. Only a leading service automation provider like ServiceChannel can keep you ahead of the game by pulling together crucial metrics, technologies, best practices, and business processes. From sourcing to settlement, asset management to contractor compliance, ServiceChannel lets you manage your entire facilities maintenance program from a single cloud-based dashboard.

What Makes ServiceChannel’s Facility Management Solution Unique?

Risk Management

Sophisticated tools to help manage facility maintenance compliance and risk. Monitor contractor insurance, certifications, and rates. We prevent contractors from getting work until they complete all requirements and we alert you when requirements are out of date or expired.

Spend Management

Analytical dashboards that give full insight into spend by Trade, Category, Priority, Provider, and many other dimensions. We expose spend trends so you easily know when your spend is increasing (or decreasing) for a Region, Trade, or Provider.

Contractor Sourcing Directory

ServiceChannel has a directory of 50K+ providers ready to accept work orders from new clients. Find qualified contractors across any trade who already know our facility management platform.

Contractor Performance Monitoring

ServiceChannel monitors contractor performance across four key metrics – On-Time Arrival Rate, First-Time Completion Rate, Work Order Dispatch Confirmation Rate, and Check-In Compliance Rate.  Assess service quality over time and promote constructive partnerships.

Contractor Status

Contractors participate in the entire work order life cycle so that you are completely informed on every work order, including dispatch, check-in/ checkout proposals, invoicing payments, and any issues. ServiceChannel also alerts your contractor when they are falling behind on their work.

Electronic Invoicing

Contractor electronic invoicing eliminates paper and reduces processing costs. Invoices are submitted against the appropriate work orders, enabling quick comparison of the invoice against actual work and more accurate approvals.

Paying Providers

ServiceChannel allows you to process a single batch payment for all approved invoices. This allows you to save on facility management administrative costs by cutting out all checks, eliminating the need to manage provider bank details, and eliminating payment inquiries from providers.

Invoice Validation

ServiceChannel helps validate your invoices by comparing the labor hours to the check-in and check-out data from your contractors’ mobile app or via interactive voice recognition (IVR) and comparing invoiced labor rates against your contracted rates.


Multi-site managers need a facilities management solution that can grow along with their needs. Our FM solution is built on a highly flexible and configurable SaaS (software as a service) platform that easily adapts whether you need to scale up, add features, or create specialized configurations.

Call Center Services

In addition to our software ServiceChannel offers a 24/7, professionally staffed call center that accepts inbound work orders from locations without Internet connectivity. The call center also follows up on any emergency work order that has not been accepted and will reassign it, if required.

Not-to-Exceed Controls

ServiceChannel has very flexible and effective not-to-exceed controls (by type of job) that ensure your vendors cannot invoice for work you have not approved. The not-to-exceed (NTE) controls can be increased manually or through our proposal module.

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